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Ronda General Mitre, 200, entresuelo 1ª. 08016. Barcelona. España.


La Hidalga Cortesía Española (HCE) was created on 9th September, 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. It was presented to the public and officially launched in Madrid on 9th October, 1998, in a solemn event at the Hall of the City Hall of Madrid, to which followed a gala dinner at the Casino of Madrid, attended by the Mayor of Madrid, Mr. Alvarez del Manzano, members of the city council, representatives of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps appointed in Madrid, and high dignitaries from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.


Hidalga Cortesía Española is an Association linked to Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo, and its goal is to establish ties of friendship, cooperation, and collaboration with the peoples of Latin America, as well as to promote the unity among these Latin American nations, from the perspective of individuals, in a democratic framework of liberty, respect for human rights, and broad tolerance. And this, regardless of ethnic groups, beliefs, or ideologies.

Hidalga Cortesía Española was founded in 1993 in Barcelona, Spain. It is a non-governmental organization. Its members must commit to preserve courtesy, honour, and dignity of individuals, to encourage goods customs, generosity, and solidarity in human beings, and to respect traditions.

The field of action of Hidalga Cortesía Española is Latin America, and the areas of influence in which Spain may have a significant consideration.

Hidalga Cortesía Española shares several traits with Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo:

Most of the founding members of Hidalga Cortesía Española are also members of Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo.

This is how the idea arose: the founders thought that, since it is legitimate to work and contribute to the union of Europe from the principle of union of its peoples, bearing in mind that this union has to materialise from person to person, it is equally legitimate to found a body –Hidalga Cortesía Española- that works and contributes to the union of Latin-America and those geographic areas in which Spain has and maintains a significant presence, based on the principle of union of its peoples and bearing in mind that this union has to materialise from person to person.

Spain cannot and must not overlook, ignore or forget the strong historical, social and cultural ties that link her to the individuals and peoples of Latin America, and with the geographic areas in which Spain has a significant presence. This historical relationship with Latin-America has been built up over five centuries. 

This is the mission of Hidalga Cortesía Española:

·         To contribute to the development of Latin America;

·         To contribute to a greater rapprochement of all the peoples, cultures, and ethnic groups in the relevant areas;

·         To encourage the mutual exchange and knowledge of these peoples, their cultures and traditions;

·         To promote, both in Spain and in the relevant area, the notion of Latin-America as a common supranational concept for union and unity;

·         To encourage, endeavour and assist in uniting all the individuals of good will, with broadminded humanity -regardless of their country, language, ethnic group, religion, beliefs, ideology, etc,- who struggle to build a Europe that lives in peace, freedom, solidarity, and harmony, and who contribute to encourage and practice the values that bring us together; and

·         To consolidate the idea that individuals are the only ones capable of effectively uniting Europe, while encouraging and supporting democracy, and respecting and enforcing respect for human rights and practicing tolerance, with no reservation whatsoever.


The members of the parent organisation, Agrupación Española de Fomento Europeo, are full members of Hidalga Cortesía Española, at no charge.



                Chairman                                              Castellá de Cot, Jorge
                Secretary                                             Sánchez Ponseti, Fernando
                Treasurer                                             Coma Matute y Casas, José
                General Coordinator                            García Mussons y de la Peña, Luis

                 Vocal Members                               

Cáceres, Isabelino
Castellà Sastre, Montserrat             
García Gilmartín, Carlos
Martínez Salinas, Juan Pablo
Mascaró Carbonell, Antonio
Mestres Pouza, Miguel
Morón Izquierdo, Sinforiano
Pérez Casabayo, Jordi
Punsoda Bou, Dr. Joaquim    
de Sarraga Samper, Juan Pablo         
Ribas, Federico        


It is recorded at Technical General Secretariat of The Ministry of Interior,  nº 126.854  of Associations
CIF: G-60514452


2008 is the 15th Anniversary of the creation of  La Hidalga Cortesía Española (HCE),  and it is the 10th Anniversary  of The Solemn Event of its Public Introduction and Oficial beginning.

To celebrate this fact there were foreseen from among others,  which were developed, two important trips: a Spanish one in Madrid,  and another international in Argentina.